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Divorce Mediation & Law in Plymouth, Massachusetts

End your marriage in a peaceful manner with divorce mediation and law from our attorney in Plymouth, Massachusetts. At the Law Office of Attorney Russell P. Canevazzi, we provide you with options that make the divorce process less emotional, stressful, and costly.


Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation provides an alternative way of reaching a divorce settlement. Rather than each party hiring a separate attorney to negotiate and advise, both parties hire one mediator to help negotiate their own agreement.

Mediation is designed for the parties to act for their own interests and to enter into the communication directly. Mediators are not advocates and do not take sides. The mediator is a trained, neutral, third party who will help both parties reach a self-determined and reasonable agreement that each party will be able to understand, accept, and implement.
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What Are Potential Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation lowers the cost of divorce, eliminates the emotion frustration and anger, saves time, and expedites quick resolution of difficult problems, while removing damaging impacts upon your children, family, and friends. Additionally, litigation is avoided, privacy is maintained regarding personal affairs, and thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars are saved to use for the benefit of the parties and their family and friends.

How Does Mediation Work?

The mediation consists of the parties disclosing their goals and issues with both parties being present with the mediator assisting in reviewing the significance of the issues presented. The parties are presented with alternative views and suggestions and questioned as to their perception and reasoning about their own feelings.

As a result of frank discussion and presentation of a wider range of choices, the parties are able to come to a common ground resolution and agreement that allows them to proceed with the divorce or remain together.



There comes a time when the ties that were fashioned by marriage must be cut. Both as a result of voluntary acts, and by operation of law, the marital estate becomes a complicated body of rights, responsibilities, assets, and liabilities.

To effectively secure future happiness and welfare, you need to know your status and have an effective and knowledgeable advocate who can assist in preparation regarding issues of child care, property division, tax obligations, court procedures, judicial tendencies, psychological issues, and divorce law.

Attorney Canevazzi has been representing clients in divorce actions for more than 40 years. He has seen the cases unfold from both sides of the equation and has also acted as a non-partisan mediator dealing with both spouses.

He is well versed in the applicable law and works tirelessly to secure his client's interests. Mr. Canevazzi is particularly able to assist his clients due to his diverse background in property matters, real estate law, tax issues, and estate planning. Essentially, his experience provides him with the ability to secure his clients' future well-being after the parties are separated and apart
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